DJManiax 2 is THIS YEAR!!

2012-01-16 19:45:36 by KoizuDDR

We're almost done with the game! At the moment, we're just going through the polishing phase, making sure everything is working and all of that stuff. I'm hoping that this will be a fantastic experience, one hundred times better than the first game, and overall, makes people happy. We've been taking reviews into strong consideration, and tweaking the game to make sure that everyone benefits from it.

As for a final date, well... That'd be telling. ;)


2011-08-06 13:02:08 by KoizuDDR

You want some DJManiax 2 related news right? I mean, of course you fucking do, it's DJManiax.

Sadly, on the gameplay front, I'm not going to give any details away. All I can say is that I hope you'll be excited for some of the shit that we've got coming your way. It's honestly blowing my mind just thinking about the possibilities that will come from this.

What I can reveal to you though is...

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That's right. Soak it up while you can.

Once the game releases, I'll upload the game version to the Newgrounds Audio Portal, but, if you're feeling awfully generous you will be able to buy the FULL extended version from TsundereRecordings, alongside my other DJManiax works, and it won't be an expensive bundle, I promise.

DJManiax 2 & Other Tat.

2011-06-05 14:27:03 by KoizuDDR

DJManiax 2 has been officially announced for release. You can read the thread here.

Get your practice in! This means that there will be more high score spots up for the taking!

I leave you all with a video.

Seeya later.
- Koizumi

After loads of people bothering me for this song, I put it up for free on Newgrounds Audio Portal.

What are you waiting for? Go grab it before I change my mind!


For those of you who are into the tracks I did on DJManiax, you can now buy "Mode 7 Hype Mix" which was included on my compilation EP "Source Code: 2008-2010" on TsundereRecordings @ Bandcamp.

I really appreciate if you could tell your friends about us, check out some of our music, send the link around, all that jazz. We're also stalkable! We have a Facebook page, Twitter page, tumblr page... We've got it all!

I appreciate your help, I really do. Everything I have right now in my life is pretty much riding on all of this, and let's be honest, it's not going to well.

Buy Mode 7 Hype Mix on TsundereRecordings
TsundereRecordings @ Bandcamp
TsundereRecordings @ Facebook
TsundereRecordings @ Twitter
TsundereRecordings @ Tumblr

C'mon, get g-get goin'!


2011-01-04 19:28:42 by KoizuDDR

DJManiax did pretty well! We got daily 4th when it was released, and even got front page!

Everyone who was involved in the creation process of Maniax thanks you for your support, and hope that this support will continue on into the future, with other projects. Not finished the game yet? Go and complete it right this instant! Get all the medals! Post some high scores!

As for the future of Team Maniax, we can't really say what we have in store, but all we can do is work towards the bigger picture, be it a sequel, new game entirely, or whatever.

Please go to the Official DJManiax website for more information of the future of DJManiax, and also, a secret present from all of us here at Team Maniax.

Thanks to you guys, for helping DJManiax get to the place it did!

- Team Maniax


2010-12-20 02:27:27 by KoizuDDR

my game is out soon.

stare at the portal and wait until it comes out. if you do anything else, i will know. and i will not be happy.


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