2011-08-06 13:02:08 by KoizuDDR

You want some DJManiax 2 related news right? I mean, of course you fucking do, it's DJManiax.

Sadly, on the gameplay front, I'm not going to give any details away. All I can say is that I hope you'll be excited for some of the shit that we've got coming your way. It's honestly blowing my mind just thinking about the possibilities that will come from this.

What I can reveal to you though is...

/* */
That's right. Soak it up while you can.

Once the game releases, I'll upload the game version to the Newgrounds Audio Portal, but, if you're feeling awfully generous you will be able to buy the FULL extended version from TsundereRecordings, alongside my other DJManiax works, and it won't be an expensive bundle, I promise.


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2011-08-06 13:43:34

Looks great, loving your Miku profile pic by the way. :-)

She does a lot of great songs. Love Daiben, Customer is God, and Take it Easy. <3

KoizuDDR responds:

Thanks. Yeah, I always have a soft spot for Miku. :3


2011-08-06 21:39:43

I look forward to Djmaniax'ing that!


Got any date of arrival? a month?15 seconds?a century?

KoizuDDR responds:

No release date as of yet, but keep your eyes on either the thread on the BBS, or if you have twitter, I'm sure I'll end up saying something about it nearing release. @glasseschan is my username on there.


2011-08-26 12:15:49


KoizuDDR responds:

You like them!


2011-08-28 18:43:46

I just accidentically commented on entry 5 instead of 6 :x.


2011-09-11 02:59:54

awesome :D