2011-01-04 19:28:42 by KoizuDDR

DJManiax did pretty well! We got daily 4th when it was released, and even got front page!

Everyone who was involved in the creation process of Maniax thanks you for your support, and hope that this support will continue on into the future, with other projects. Not finished the game yet? Go and complete it right this instant! Get all the medals! Post some high scores!

As for the future of Team Maniax, we can't really say what we have in store, but all we can do is work towards the bigger picture, be it a sequel, new game entirely, or whatever.

Please go to the Official DJManiax website for more information of the future of DJManiax, and also, a secret present from all of us here at Team Maniax.

Thanks to you guys, for helping DJManiax get to the place it did!

- Team Maniax


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2011-01-05 21:12:03

That has nothing to do with the matter that it won't even allow me to hit a single not in the 2nd tier songs. I have it set to play on keyboard and i use the buttons "T,H,and M" so it will have a nice diagnol effect so that I don't accidentally hit the wrong buttons. Instead, when I hit the buttons, nothing happens and it's not do to a computer lag or anything technical with my computer.


2011-01-20 10:04:22