Mode 7 is now available to purchase.

2011-01-22 00:39:45 by KoizuDDR

For those of you who are into the tracks I did on DJManiax, you can now buy "Mode 7 Hype Mix" which was included on my compilation EP "Source Code: 2008-2010" on TsundereRecordings @ Bandcamp.

I really appreciate if you could tell your friends about us, check out some of our music, send the link around, all that jazz. We're also stalkable! We have a Facebook page, Twitter page, tumblr page... We've got it all!

I appreciate your help, I really do. Everything I have right now in my life is pretty much riding on all of this, and let's be honest, it's not going to well.

Buy Mode 7 Hype Mix on TsundereRecordings
TsundereRecordings @ Bandcamp
TsundereRecordings @ Facebook
TsundereRecordings @ Twitter
TsundereRecordings @ Tumblr

C'mon, get g-get goin'!


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2011-01-29 11:24:06

On DJManiax, it says you did Mode 7 Hype Mix with some guy called "Maktone". Who the hell is Maktone?

KoizuDDR responds:

He's a chiptune artist who did alot of Amiga .mod composition. This song has been in a few GBA roms released by Mode 7, hence the name.